Guest Spotlight: Tom and Teri

In Meet Our Guests

If you asked our staff what is the best part of their job, most everyone would say the same. The Guests.

Meeting people from all over the world and being involved in their Costa Rican get away is one of the greatest parts of working at Florblanca. The travelers who journey to visit us always appreciate our piece of paradise, and we find much joy in getting to know these globetrotters who are searching a unique experience here in Playa Santa Teresa.

Two of our most beloved guests are the wonderful Tom and Teri Skinner.  Tom and Teri are from Northern California and have been staying at Hotel Florblanca for about ten years now.  A few years ago, we even had the pleasure of hosting their 40th wedding vowel renewal with their friends and family. It was a very special day for all of us.

When Tom and Teri arrive they don’t just show up.  They show up as if it were Christmas in February with bags of gifts for the staff, homemade fudge, pomegranate and jalapeño jelly that they make themselves, and endless hugs for all of us. They arrive with stories of their last year, and give us the insight to their lives in Northern California, their new grandson, Oliver, and more.  They engage with our staff and look forward to seeing our families and catching up with the Florblanca team.

Teri has started a new tradition of making a delicious lunch for all of us.  What better treat for us than to have a client cook and bring special ingredients all the way from her hometown.  This year it was chile verde with pork accompanied with traditional fideo.  It was mouthwatering delicious and left us all begging for her recipe including our chef.  As a special surprise for Tom and Teri before the staff feast, we had five local girls from Manzanillo give a typical dance performance.

Thank you Tom and Teri for your friendship, and your loyalty to Florblanca.  We wish you a happy and healthy year ahead, and can’t wait to have you back.

Thank you to Cindy, front desk manager, for dedicating your time to community projects such as the Manzanillo dance project. The girls did a great job on their performance.