Warmth and Light

In Meet Our Staff

Pura vida means everything to Costa Ricans. It’s how life is.

Guests visit Florblanca for so many reasons – for adventure travel, a romantic honeymoon getaway, a spa vacation, or even a culinary exploration.  Whatever the reason, guests come back to see us because of the care and service we offer.

As a team, we work together to create an environment of service to our guests.  We want everyone to have the experience they’re looking for, whether that’s rest and relaxation or exciting adventures (or both!), and we strive to make every experience special.

No one exemplifies this intention and care more than Oscar.  He is a leader by example, arriving each day with a smile and a warmth that permeates throughout the property.

Oscar first came to Florblanca as a teenager, working as a dishwasher at Nectar Restaurant.  His commitment and dedication to his work and the success of the restaurant quickly made him invaluable to us.  Today, he is Nectar’s restaurant manager and the attention he shows for both the staff and the guests sets a relaxed and positive tone for the whole resort while giving us all the confidence that we are in the care of a professional.

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Oscar is a such a beautiful example of living the pura vida life.  His love of family and community, his love of the outdoors, and his commitment in service to others shines through his personal and work life seamlessly.

We are so grateful to have Oscar in our lives and to know that our guests will have the experience of meeting him and getting to know him.

When you come visit Florblanca – or come back to Florblanca – spend a moment or two with Oscar. His smile will surely brighten your day.

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