Tranquility in the Green Season

In Mindfulness

At Florblanca, we love the time of year from May through September, affectionately known as the Green Season.  This is a time when we enjoy more peace and tranquility throughout our area of Costa Rica.

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While we expect rainfall during this season, we get to enjoy a landscape and surrounding jungle that is even more lush, vibrant, and beautiful than ever.  And we use the time we get during the rainy times of the day to enjoy peace, tranquility, and moments for reflection.

This element of tranquility during the Green Season contributes to our quality of life and is part of what makes our area an official Blue Zone. A Blue Zone is an area of the world where people live measurably longer lives.  The Nicoya Peninsula where Florblanca is located is one of the very few Blue Zones identified around the world.  We believe our connection to nature and the ocean, our pace and approach to daily life, and our practices in yoga and Pilates are other key elements to this quality of life.

Green Season tranquility also comes in the form of fewer crowds in and around Santa Teresa. Life along our beaches settles into a peaceful, mellow, and happy way of life.   We invite our guests to come and enjoy our paradise with the locals. Experience tranquility and enjoy the rain. Book your reservation today.