Stefano’s Yoga Journey in Bali

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In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few ~ Shunryu Suzuki

Yoga is an evolution, an exploration, a journey.  It is a way to live your life each moment and each day.

At Florblanca, we have the honor of practicing yoga with Stefano Allegri. He brings beauty and humor and joy to us everyday.  Stefano is an advanced practitioner with many years of experience who continues to learn and explore new depths of his own yoga journey, bringing us newfound wisdom, new perspectives, and new approaches to the practice.

“I always try every year to go and study with my teachers, to bring my experience back to the hotel and to give every time a fresh energy and a fresh, new beginner mind.”

Stefano spent the month of September, 2016, in Bali doing an advanced teacher training with one of the most recognized yoga masters in the world, Matthew Sweeney of The Yoga Temple.  Here is Stefano’s own account of his experience and what he learned:

The teacher training was in Ubud in Bali for one month. This is the most advance teacher training that my teacher offers. To make this course, you must have completed with him the month-long intense program, and the teacher training 1 and 2.  These are all courses that I completed with him leading up to this year.

The experience was fantastic like every time that I study with him.

For that, Matthew is recognized as one of the best yoga teachers in this world.

I learned a lot again about the evolutions of his series.  Now I know the 4 different moon sequences, the 2 different Lion sequences, and this year I started to learn the Tiger sequence that I really love.

All the sequences are based in incredible anatomy, intelligence, and building asana after asana in a deep knowledge of biomechanics of the body. The different sequences are the expression of Matthew’s more then 25 years of teaching. And they build a stepping stone that asana yoga is inclusive and not an exclusive practice just for flexible people.  All can enjoy the psycho – physical – spiritual practice of yoga.

In this teacher training 3, we had five different workshops every week to focus in all different parts of the body. It was a really didactic and in-depth look at how to manage all the different types of bodies.

Really interesting, for me, was always the philosophical part of the course, and deep exploration of where is the real tradition of the practice of these days.

Well, I would like say more …but you know the most important is in my ❤️.

We are so appreciative of having a yoga teacher here at Florblanca with the passion and dedication that Stefano brings to his practice, his classes, and his life everyday. Namaste.

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