Old World Costa Rica Discover sustainable, unplugged life in rural Costa Rica

In Sustainability and Community

One of our favorite excursions here at Florblanca is a visit to this old-world Costa Rican Farm.  Through this experience, we’ve gained such an appreciation for the power of simplicity in living a happier, healthier, and longer life.

When we talk about living in a Blue Zone, this is the life we’re talking about.  The Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica is one of only five Blue Zones discovered around the world where people live measurably longer lives.  Some of the common traits of these areas include a connection with nature, working with our hands, and nurturing strong ties with family and community.

An excursion to the Old Costa Rica Farm Tour is a way to connect directly to this style of authentic, Blue Zone living.  We get to eat farm-to-table.  We get to interact with the family and witness their lifestyle firsthand. And we get to experience success in simplicity.

I hope to show people that life can be lived in a more simple way. We don’t really need all this material stuff to make us happy.  The best things in life are for free, they say.

We hope you’ll join us on an excursion to the farm during your next stay at Florblanca. Experience life in the Blue Zone and see what a difference this way of life can make.