Now Serving …. Local, Free Range Eggs Supporting your health and our community

In Eating Local

When we heard that Hacienda Arío, a family ranch in Santa Teresa, was selling free range eggs in our local marketplace, we were eager to get involved.

Not only is Hacienda Arío committed to sustainable farming practices with chickens raised free of antibiotics, but their micro-business selling pasture eggs – Arío Azul – is run by local women. This is the exact kind of vendor and product we hold dear at Florblanca.

By supporting Arío Azul, we get eggs from chickens raised according to the highest animal welfare standards.  These standards assure us that Arío Azul is committed to the care of the animals, the land and the local community.

Pasture eggs from chickens raised in such an environment are found to have a higher omega 3 content and are healthier and more delicious for our guests at Nectar Restaurant.

We are grateful to our local community in Santa Teresa for their hard work and commitment to sustainable practices that are good for the environment, good for our economy, and excellent for our health.   Learn more about our own sustainability practices at Florblanca and see other ways we’re supporting our local community.