Best Restaurants in Costa Rica

In Eating Local, What Others are Saying

Locally sourced food and healthy eating are tenants of our lifestyle here at Florblanca. We are privileged to have such abundant resources of fresh food in our waters and on our farms. Nectar Restaurant is dedicated to serving up delicious fare from our farm-to-table and hook-to-fork ingredients and we are excited to be recognized as one of the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Costa Rica. 

Florblanca and the staff of Nectar Restaurant are so proud to be chosen among the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Costa Rica, alongside amazing restaurants – including Tin-jo, Ginger and Lubnan – in all of Costa Rica.

The list was published in the Travel Guide by Costa Rican Vacations travel agency.  It celebrates Costa Rica’s diverse restaurant scene and highlights their favorite dining establishments throughout our country.  Here is what they have to say about Nectar:

The elegant Nectar is housed in Florblanca, one of the Nicoya Peninsula’s top boutique hotels, and offers a diverse menu and elegant ambiance – and an oceanside locale, where you’re almost close enough to bury your toes in the sand. The restaurant’s motto – from hook to fork, from farm to table – tells of its commitment to fresh, local cuisine. The menu changes nightly and specials usually feature the catch-of-the-day, Costa Rican grass-fed beef, and other tempting dishes.

Nectar serves fusion cuisine with Latin, Mediterranean and Asian influences.  We take great pride in featuring fresh, local farm-to-table and hook-to-fork dishes morning, noon, and night.  This way we support our neighbors, our community, our dedication to sustainable tourism, and our environment. It also ensures that we serve the best quality food possible to our guests.

Nectar Chef Norman Roqhuett creates our menus which feature the freshest seasonal and organic ingredients in both light and more hearty fare. Explore our smoothie menu for breakfast, lunch, or a post-surfing or yoga snack made with picked-off-the-tree tropical fruits. You won’t want to miss our sushi and tapas bar menu to help you take advantage of the gorgeous sunset hour.  Then enjoy dinner choices from our Crudo (raw), Pequeño (small) and Grande (big) dinner menus.

You can read the full Top 10 Costa Rican Restaurants article here: Best Restaurants in Costa Rica – Check out our selection!

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