Mountain Biking

In Adventure Travel

Florblanca Resort is so excited to offer Mountain Biking Adventures in our area of Santa Teresa in the Nicoya Peninsula.

Our Mountain Bike Adventures can be geared to any level of biker, from the very beginner to the extreme advanced rider.  Regardless of your skill level, our Mountain Bike Tours provide you with the opportunity to explore beautiful Santa Teresa and Nicoya Peninsula in our area of Costa Rica.

This is truly eco-tourism at it’s best!  Mountain Biking at Florblanca gets our visitors exploring the back roads, farms, jungles, and beaches of Santa Teresa.  It requires very little equipment and setup, leaves very little footprint, and is great exercise.

Our Mountain Biking leader is truly passionate about the sport and is extremely knowledgeable about our trails.

The video above is a wonderful introduction to our Mountain Biking Adventure.  You can choose this as an activity when you reserve your villa or when you check in.

Please contact us with any questions.  We look forward to seeing you out on the trails!