Life in the Open Open Air Living at Florblanca

In Sustainability and Community

Eco-tourism is a movement among world travelers that’s growing stronger every year. As remote destinations around the globe become more accessible, people are becoming more environmentally sensitive, both regarding the landscape and natural resources, but also in a way that is more respectful of culture, community, and customs.

Adventure travelers are seeking a unique eco-friendly experience, one where they can be embedded in the local culture, eating local food and participating in activities native to that community and that part of the world.

As a travel destination in a remote area of Costa Rica, Florblanca nurtures sustainable tourism and is dedicated to providing our guests with a natural, holistic experience of Santa Teresa and the Nicoya Peninsula.

We’re located in one of only five Blue Zones in the world and we want to share our way of life and our community with travelers looking to connect to all that is special about this area.

Among the unique tenants of Blue Zone living is a strong connection to nature. Our climate, environment, and way of life here gets us outside and moving. We’re gardening, we’re walking, and we let the seasons help dictate our movements and activities.

Our community is a central part of our life and we’re getting out and talking with our neighbors, our family and friends. We’re surfing together, practicing yoga, walking, and eating together.

Open air living is a part of our lifestyle that brings all these pieces together. By using natural ventilation, we’re minimizing our environmental impact and connecting directly with the outdoors. We experience the weather, the sounds, the trees, plants, and wildlife all as one. We’re closer to our neighbors and friends and we’re connecting more organically with our environment and community.

With their open air layout, the villas at Florblanca have a unique balance of privacy along with nature and the outdoors. You will truly feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and at home here. You’ll feel a stronger connection with nature and will begin to connect to the world around you in a deeper and more powerful way.

We invite you to visit Costa Rica, to reserve a villa at Florblanca, and to experience life in the Blue Zone.