Greenhouse Gardening @ Florblanca

In Eating Local

At Florblanca, we embrace eco-tourism, wanting our guests to feel immersed in our place and our culture.  There are many ways we seek to do this – through local activities and exploration, through the  natural landscape and environment, and through the food we serve at Néctar.

Over five years ago, we launched our vivero, our greenhouse garden, so we could grow delicious vegetables and herbs for our meals as part of our commitment to serving fresh, healthy, local food.  We strive to give our guests the best experience possible and to do it in a way that’s authentic to us and authentic to Costa Rica.  Having fresh, healthy, local ingredients for our dishes is an important way for us to do this.

The greenhouse also an important part of our Sustainability Program which has earned us recognition in Costa Rica’s Sustainable Tourism movement.

We recently hired Roberto to manage and care for the greenhouse.  He is an amazing addition to the Florblanca staff and is dedicated to our mission of fresh, healthy, sustainable sourcing.

Gardening is something I´m personally passionate about. I love tending to my garden at home so being able to create a garden for Florblanca is a pleasure. We are providing peppers (hot and regular), celery, chives, tomatoes, lettuce, basil, coriander and many other goods fresh from this garden straight to the kitchen at Néctar.

We’re so excited to have Roberto working with us and caring for our ingredients.

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