From Proposal to Honeymoon C Weddings Magazine follows Monica and Andrew's journey

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Every step of the wedding journey is special, from the proposal, through the ceremony, reception, and the honeymoon. Where you are – your actual location – when you do each of these things is inextricably tied to the experience and the memories.

At Florbanca, we understand this and commit to making your experience as flawless and perfect as possible.

So when couples like Monica and Andrew choose Florblanca as the place to commemorate their entire wedding journey, we are thrilled beyond measure to be at their service.

Andrew and Monica visited Florblanca from their home in Santa Monica. CA.  They surfed, relaxed and explored the beauty of our area in Playa Santa Teresa.  During a visit to one of our famed waterfalls, Andrew proposed.  And they decided to return to Florblanca with family and friends for the wedding.

C Weddings Magazine profiled Monica and Andrew’s wedding experience at Florblanca.  Andrew is the celebrated chef and owner of Tar & Roses in Santa Monica, CA. He met Monica at the restaurant when she was living across the street and ventured over for a glass of wine. “The next day, Andrew asked her on a date. ‘We’ve been together ever since,’ she says.”

They wanted a dinner party style wedding so Florblanca set up a tables on the beach for the couple and their 26 guests.

It was a gorgeous ceremony and reception with unique touches – like the surfboard guestbook – that were a perfect fit for this couple.  And after it was all over, as Andrew told C Magazine, “We extended our stay and parlayed it into a honeymoon.”  We were happy to have them stay even longer with us.

We are so honored to have hosted Monica and Andrew along this once-in-a-lifetime journey.  Thank you for trusting Florblanca with these precious moments in your life.  We wish you all the best, always and forever.

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