Fresh, Local Produce from Hacienda Okhra

In Eating Local

When you have the best and tastiest ingredients, you can cook very simply and the food will be extraordinary because it tastes like what it is. ~ Alice Waters

Driven by a desire to eat fresh greens that were hard to find in our area, Hacienda Okhra was founded four years ago in Santa Teresa.

Owners and farmers, George and Stephanie Lefebvre spent years living in New York City where they owned and operated restaurants. They were accustomed to having access to fresh and organic produce. When they decided to uproot from the city life and come soak up the Pura Vida in Costa Rica, they were surprised by the lack of good produce in our area.

Because eating fresh organic produce is a key component to their lifestyle, they bought a large piece of property with the most stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, and set aside an area for growing their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Their local farm that is literally growing by the day, is now a gift for many local residents and restauranteurs in Santa Teresa and beyond.

When you think of Costa Rica, you think fresh produce right? Although it is a country full of fresh fruits and produce, the ability to grow greatly varies from one province to the next due to rain, sun, soil, and other factors. With many different climates throughout our tiny country, some regions are quite difficult for farming, the beach being the toughest. Even though it is a challenge, Hacienda Okhra is dedicated to its sustainable practices and is committed to using absolutely no chemicals and/or pesticides. They use both classic and modern techniques, and grow in a very small space. They do their own seeding allowing them to control the entire process start to finish.

At Nectar, you can see their products on all of our menus. We strive to source as much local produce as we have access to, and Hacienda Okhra is our main farm. From lettuces to eggplants, radishes to zucchini, and the most flavorful arugula you can imagine, you taste the crisp freshness in ever bite. It is a joy to work with Hacienda Okhra, and serve our guests ingredients that are pulled right out of the ground. It is truly farm to table with no artificial ingredients.