Fresh Ingredients at Néctar Restaurant

In Eating Local

Recipes are a framework
but the most important thing is the ingredient.
~ Alice Waters

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword.  It’s a way of life, especially here in Costa Rica where our natural resources are abundant and where we’re seen as a global leader in sustainability.  With close ties to our environment and our community, we’re aware of how these resources can be impacted by our choices as a society, as a business, or even as an individual.

At Florblanca, we’re committed to having a positive impact on sustainability.  Whether we’re finding ways we can reduce our footprint or bringing to life new ideas that nurture our community, we’re always evolving our efforts and evaluating our choices.

This same evolution is happening at Nectar Restaurant.  We’ve always drawn inspiration from the ocean at our doorstep and the traditional dishes of our beautiful country.  But more recently, we’ve explored deeper into our community to find the best ingredients for our dishes. We’re sourcing fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farmers, fishermen, and artisans.

The closer that we get to the source of our food, the better it is for us and for this planet.
~ Alice Waters

Farm-to-table and Hook-to-fork are movements that are catching on globally, and for good reason. They represent the intersection of environment, community and economy that make up sustainable practices.  And they bring us the foundation of delicious, fresh, made-from-scratch dishes.

Visit us at Florblanca and enjoy your meals at Nectar for a fully sustainable, nourishing, and eco-friendly dining experience.

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