Food as Culture Local Ingredients at Néctar Restaurant

In Eating Local

You can tell from the first bite. This food is something special, something made with care.

The dedication to your food begins well before your plate is served. It starts with relationships between Chef Belen and the locals who proudly produce the food. The farmers, fishermen, and ranchers are our friends and neighbors, and their products never have to travel far to get to our kitchen.

A Néctar dish is more than a combination of ingredients, it is the convergence of skill and passion, contributed from farm to table and hook to fork. Our dedication to fresh, local ingredients is part of a culture of excellence, and a passion for serving the best food to every guest.

Eating fresh and local helps make our region one of the few Blue Zones in the world. Here, people live longer than average and enjoy a happier way of life. Knowing our food and building friendships with the neighbors who produce it contribute to this phenomenon.

Pura Vida, the cornerstone of the Costa Rican lifestyle, guides our perseverance for quality. It drives us to pursue freshness, strong relationships with our producers, and making our guests feel welcome.

Come. Join us for a meal. And experience the magic of fresh, local food at Néctar.

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