Vivero in Full Bloom

In Eating Local

Fresh ingredients and farm-to-table dishes are central to the meals we offer at Nectar Restaurant.  We are excited about our new greenhouse and the opportunity to grow delicious vegetables and herbs for our meals.

Our commitment to serving fresh, healthy, local food is also an important part of our sustainability program which has earned us recognition in Costa Rica’s Sustainable Tourism movement.  

Our nursery “Vivero” is in full bloom, and we are excited to have harvested some delicious ingredients to use in our Nectar Restaurant and Bar. Recently, we have cut fresh basil, three types of peppers, oregano, spearmint, stevia and tilo. While the herbs and veggies are used for both cooking and making exotic cocktails and smoothies, the tilo is to make our relaxing herbal tea in our Spa Bambu. One of our senior line cooks at Nectar Restaurant, Fanny Rodriguez, has dedicated much time to ensure our vivero is well maintained and that the kitchen is fully stocked with these ingredients when they are ready. Soon we will be planting a few types of tomatoes, cucumbers, and sage.

All plants are fertilized with compost we made here on our property. Our vivero is being irrigated with our own water that is cleaned through a treatment plant.

We are extremely proud of our efforts in sustainability and we’re constantly working toward improvements and better efficiency for sustainable tourism.  We know we are making a positive difference for our guests, our community, and our environment.