Farm to Table Menu at Nectar

In Eating Local

Nectar, our casual yet elegant open air restaurant at Florblanca, is proud to play an important role in our dedication to sustainability and community.  Our Farm to Table menu means that we cook with fresh, local ingredients from our local farms.  Our chefs prepare all their dishes with fresh fruits, natural produce, and naturally raised pork and chicken all found within 15 miles of Florblanca.

Our chicken and pork come from the nearby town of Cobano, just 15 miles from Florblanca. The majority of our produce comes from Hacienda Okra, just 5 miles from Florblanca.

In 2010, we earned 4 leaves out of 5 for our Certificate of Sustainable Tourism.  Part of this certification involves interacting with and supporting our local community.  By purchasing produce and meats from our local farmers, Nectar is helping to boost our efforts to reach 5 stars in our certification in 2013.  This means we are promoting eco-tourism, raising awareness among our guests and staff, engaging in projects to help support local environmental efforts, and sharing with our community.

With the Farm to Table menu, not only are we supporting local agriculture and our local economy, we are also serving healthy, whole foods to our staff and guests.  Our area of Costa Rica is one of the only Blue Zones on the planet where humans live longer lives due to healthy lifestyle.

Using ingredients that come straight from our farmers to your table ensures that we are continuing this pattern and tradition of long, happy, and healthy lifestyles.

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