Enriching Our Land Working toward a sustainable future

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 “The ground’s generosity takes in our compost and grows beauty!” ~ Rumi

Now that we’ve started composting, it’s difficult to imagine not doing it.  It’s so easy and so beneficial to the earth. Not only does it save all that organic matter from filling up plastic trash bags and taking up space at the landfill, it’s extremely enriching for our gardens and soil.

Composting simply means that we’re separating and storing organic waste from Nectar’s kitchen, including vegetable cores, seeds, and stems as well as eggshells, coffee grinds, and tea bags (basically, anything that is not animal-based).  We can also add dry leaves, grass trimmings, pulled weeds, and some shredded paper products to our compost. Through this process, the materials turn into a vitamin-rich form of soil that can help grow beautiful gardens and delicious vegetables. Compost even helps keep harmful pests away.

At Florblanca we use three different composting techniques that allow us to treat 100% of our organic waste. This means that we’re reducing the amount of waste that goes to the collection system by 40%.

Composting is a part of our robust Sustainability Program to help protect everything that makes this area so special.  We know we can make positive changes in the tourism development of our community. Reducing waste while enriching our soil and cutting down on pollution is an important piece of this plan.

Composting at Florblanca

Working with our community, listening to the diverse ideas of our guests and neighbors, and following the leadership of our Sustainability Coordinator, Maricel Segura, are the keys to achieving progress in our sustainability efforts.  Thank you to everyone for your valuable input and cooperation along this journey.