Always a Student

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Everything is practice ~ Pelé

Every year, Stefano dedicates time to studying with his yoga teachers.  He brings back with him his experience along with a fresh energy and a fresh, new beginner’s mind to share with his students.

We’re excited to welcome Stefano back to Florblanca from this year’s yoga teacher training with Matthew Sweeney in Costa Rica.  We draw such inspiration from his journey and his approach to learning, teaching, and practice.

“A yoga teacher never forgets to be always a student. This is my journey.  This is my passion for the yoga practice.”

For this year, like my last fifteen years, I’ve finished my month-long commitment with my teacher. This is always a special time for me, learning new sequences, going deep in the pranayama practice, studying advaita no – dual philosophy, and continuing to refresh the principles of anatomy
and biomechanics of the body.

Saturday, December 1st, I will be back to teach at the shala of Florblanca at 10 am. I have a lot to share with all of you.

Om prem om



Welcome back, Stefano.  We are grateful to have the guidance of someone so dedicated to a beautiful and empowering practice.  Thank you for sharing your light with us.

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