A Chef’s Journey Through California Chef Norman tours CA's most popular eateries

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Nectar’s own Chef Norman recently traveled through California, touring some of the state’s most popular restaurants and even staging at the renowned ink in LA.  Here is his account of the journey.

California, with its miles and miles of beautiful coast, varied climates, and spectacular towns, has a large diversity of gastronomy. With a world of aromas, flavors and textures, there is something for everyone’s palate.

The Farm to Table way of eating was born here, and today it is the food trend across the globe. The best chefs in California have taken this approach to cooking, put their touch on it, and have created plates one can only dream of.

A few of the highlights throughout my time in California were:

  • Son of a Gun – a small restaurant in West Hollywood focused on seafood with huge flavors.
  • Ink Restaurant – the sublime and spectacular restaurant of world renown Chef Michael Voltaggio.
  • Sweetgreen – farm fresh and quality salad joint with a line out the door all day everyday.
  • State Bird Provision -San Francisco’s hottest restaurant full of unusual and original combinations.
  • Animal -LA’s must try when in need of delicious meat.
  • Gjelina -Venice’s hottest eatery full of farm to table small plates, home made pizzas and more.

We love it when Chef Norman gets inspired!  It always means great things for us here at Nectar. We can’t wait to see how his experiences on this California tour make their way into our restaurant.  Check the current menu and learn more at florblanca.com/nectar.

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California Culinaria

La región Californiana, con sus miles de km de costa, variados climas, exuberantes paisajes, cuenta con una gran diversidad gastronómica, todo un mundo de aromas, sabores y texturas que complacen a cualquier paladar.

El “Farm to Table” nació acá, es su cuna, es esa expresión de moda en el mundo gastronómico, los mejores chefs californianos adoptaron y llevan ese título a niveles de perfección, para complacernos a nosotros los mortales, adictos al buen comer.

  • Son Of A Gun, pequeño gran gigante en productos del mar
  • Ink Restaurant, sublime y espectacular
  • Sweetgreens, frescura y calidad
  • State Bird Provision, originalidad y calidez
  • Animal, carnes y sensaciones
  • Gjelina, variedad y sentido

Ejes culinarios que nos muestran la mejor versión gastronómica de la costa oeste de los Estados Unidos.